Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Maison Boulud nothing like Daniel NYC

And so... I had the opportunity to go to Maison Boulud for a bachelor party. Honestly, it is the last place I thought I'd be for a bachelor party... but what can I say we wanted to be classy for at least a small portion of the night.We went for the tasting menu where half of the group were served different dishes.

Food: 7/10
I can't say I didn't like the food but I can't say that it was memorable. Everything that was served tasted and looked exactly what I'd expect from this restaurant. The presentation is definitly high level and requires alot of attention to details. The pricing I find is fair but I am sure you can find something at a lower price or something that tastes memorable at the same price.

Decor: 6/10
Decoration was nice but we were place in a random corner away from all the folks dining there and the kitchen action. I like the wine display and the open kitchen concept so you can take a peak at what the chef's are cooking. The look feels like a restaurant template with nothing unique except for a chandelier made of wine glasses

Service: 5/10
I don't think it was bad but it wasn't spectacular or attentive. I don't think they did a good job of explaining what we were eating nor did they sound interested. I expect a high level of detail for a restaurant with a brand like Daniel Boulud.

Overall Value: 6/10 Well with 1 cocktail, 2 wine glasses and the meal - the total came to approximately 150 tax tip included per person. I am not really impressed... except for the foccacia. Lasting impression: This is a farcry from the level of service and detail from his restaurant in NYC... This place is no different than any other typical french restaurant in Montreal at that price range. I'd rather go to 400 Coups, Europea, Club Chasse et Peche or Chez L'epicier Would I recommend this place: Sure if you have no idea where to go in Montreal and try to impress a lady. you can find pictures of the food @ mase3k on Instagram :)

I wouldn't mind paying for 150$ tasting menu if it was 5 courses with exceptional service.

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