Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Deep Fried Corn Tempura - Simple and Delicious

Am feeling for Japanese Pub Food. A while back when I was in NYC after eating at Sushi Yasuda... we were still hungry so we headed to a nearby Isakaya and had corn tempura to snack on with our drinks...

It was so good and simple... I liked it so much I asked the great folks at Imadake to make it for my birthday and they did!!!

I was able to replicate it somewhat and some peeps had a chance to try it a house party I hosted a while back....

Here we go!
- Tempura Mix (Egg + Flour + Cornstarch)
- Frozen Corn
- Sea Salt
- Cold Club Soda
- Oil @ 400 degrees

Make your tempura batter with cold club soda and make sure that batter is sitting on top of a big bowl of ice. The colder the better.

Once your batter is done thrown in your frozen corn kernel... you will notice that it will almost form like a giant frozen rice krispie square...

When the oil is ready thrown in the frozen corn tempura mix in the fryer - size it to the size of a tennis ball or so.

Once its golden brown - takes about 5-6 minutes - take it out and place it on paper towel to remove excess oil. While it is hot, sprinkle sea salt...

And Voila - Corn Tempura!

It should look like this in the end:

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