Tuesday, August 28, 2012

La Salle a Manger - tad overpriced and faster than a chinese restaurant!

Went to Salle a Manger a a few friends and I must say the food is good but I've been so rushed ever in my life for a restaurant that is priced on the high side.

It is so hard to describe each dish as it went by so fast.... all i remember was that the charcuterie, tartar and carpaccio was delicious and there was this pork belly bun with crab that reminded me of momofoku but not as tasty. They also have their own version of kimchi ramen with wagyu veal which tasted good but odd. 

I think the issue here is there description versus what we received. 

We ordered around 8-9 plates and it was delivered at the speed of a chinese restaurant / fast food....

Overall I would rate this restaurant 5/10 - simply because they serve food way too fast for a restaurant that charges similar rates as joe beef or chez l'epicier. Speed = loss of time taken to appreciate each dish and makes the ambiance feel rushed.

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